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Supply Chain Solutions Specialist

Farmastar, it is a specialized supplier of supply chain solutions for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare segment and offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions with international reach.

Who we are ?

With our focus on the healthcare industry, we are a reliable and long-term partner for manufacturers and brand owners looking for pharmaceutical logistics partners. We deal with sales channels and material flow, you are interested in research, development, production and marketing. Our services include pharmaceutical logistics, packaging, labeling, order management, pharmaceutical wholesalers, distribution, etc. It is located.


With our local and regional warehouse network, Farmastar offers nationwide delivery capacities. Find out more about Farmastar's domestic logistics network.


Our ISO-compliant quality management system helps maintain product integrity across the entire supply chain. Learn more about the Farmastar's standards for ensuring drug quality.


Farmastar is an environmentally and socially responsible employer. Find out more about Farmastar's commitment to corporate responsibility here.

Fast, practical and safe delivery
in the sector

Farmastar, wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. Uses in-depth industry knowledge to develop solutions for reliable delivery to locations.

Our company is one of pre-qualified supplier of USAID.